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Changa Asta 2021 (Small Ludo) v4.0.1 APK for Android download

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Games of Chance have always been the penchant of humans as their outcome depends on luck.Changa Asta is a board game whi

Games of Chance have always been the penchant of humans as their outcome depends on luck.
Changa Asta is a board game which depends on chance (random numbers) making it exciting. It was played during the era of kings to teach war tactics and strategy. It is called by various other names like chowka bhara, asta chamma, isto, small ludo, kanna dudi, changa po, cheeta, champul etc. The game is similar to popular game of Ludo.
The game is easy but requires some strategy to win. The power of 4 and 8 can cover your path quickly, but sometimes you require 1 or 2 or 3 desperately. So, let us begin the journey by understanding the game first.
•Solo Game – Play against computer or bots powered with artificial intelligence.
•Multiplayer game – two, three, or four human players can play against each other.
•Shuffle special dice the cowrie shells to get random numbers.
•Rules are easy to follow.
•Any age person can play.
•Big board size, all pieces are easily visible
•Auto move functionality on pieces.
•Good sound, nice graphics with animation.
•Win symbolic gold, silver or bronze medals in all games.
•A good time pass game to play with your friends, colleagues, family members.
•Game graphics, sound and speed can be customized as per user’s need.
To be the FIRST to move all the 4 pieces from its initial cell to HOME (The CENTER SQUARE).
How to Play: –
1) Piece gets open on any number on cowrie shell.
2) Unlocking – Player needs to eat a piece to get its lock open (get his pieces inside grey cells).
3) DRAW Case – If all the players are locked and there are no chances for all the players to eat any piece, the match is drawn.
4) A single piece can only be eaten by an opponents single piece and will have to start again, and the opponent will get a bonus throw.
5) Piece is safe on coloured cells.
6) 4 or 8 gives a bonus chance but eating on 4 or 8 gives only one bonus chance.
7) If all the pieces are unable to move then next player turn comes.
8) The game is played in anti clock wise direction.
9) Player cowrie shell is on his/her left-hand side.
10) Last piece moves automatically.
Some rules has been changed from the previous versions like – a player needs to eat opponent’s piece to get inside grey cells.

Download APK(6.7MB)

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